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  • The site must be free, no AVS or pay sites. (Of course, we gladly accept paid advertising from pay sites and AVS sites!)
  • Unlike other link sites, is very selective. We link only to sites we think provide value to the surfer. If your site sucks on purpose so the surfer will click on an ad to get the hell out of there, this is not the link list for you.
  • If the site is a collection of pictures, there should be at LEAST 40 pictures, preferably more, and good quality. In counting pictures, similar pictures from the same photo set only count as one picture. There is no minimum number of movies for a movie site; the site will be judged based on quality and "sickness."
  • Unless your site is so good that it's worth the annoyance, no excessive consoles or misleading links.
  • No sites hosted by Geocities, AOL, or other mainstream providers unless the site clearly does not violate the host's terms of service.
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Alien Sex

Fem Doms

Scat / Poop

Art -- Bizarre and/or Erotic

Fisting and Objects

Snuff Fantasy

Asphyxia / Choking / Strangling

Gape / Prolapse / Rosebutt

Spit / Vomit / Snot

Bestiality / Animal Sex

Gay Perversion


Body Modification / Piercing


Ugly / Fat / Old

Bukkake / Extreme Cum

Incest (Family Sex)

Water Sports / Urine

Cannibalism and People-Eating

Link Sites (Sick)

Weird Miscellaneous

Disfigured / Mangled / Dead Menstruation / Blood XXXTreme Variety Pack
Enemas and Medical Fetish Rape Fantasy  

Face Fucking / Rough Sex

S&M and Bondage

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