Rape Fantasy Sites, Teenage Girls Pissing

Teenage Girls Pissing

Teenage Girls Pissing Teenage Girls Pissing
Teenage Girls Pissing

Teenage Girls Pissing
Teenage Girls Pissing

Meat Holes Say you're interested in seeing rape. Would you rather see it badly acted out on a "rape" porn site? Or would you rather see REAL humiliation, degradation and rough sex? These guys verbally degrade, face-fuck, step on, use and abuse dirty whores and treat them like pieces of meat. A membership also comes with access to Cock Brutality where massive cocks are forced down girls' throats until they spit, gag and vomit.

Rape Pictures in Videos and Movies Lots of nudity and Rape Scenes from all your favorite starlets and films. See your Favorite Actresses get raped and fucked! See 260+ rape, bondage, torture and abuse pictures of famous actresses in both popular and obscure movie roles. Including Shannon Elizabeth, Farrah Fawcett, Elizabeth Shue, Marina Sirtis, Anna Nicole Smith, Jodie Foster, Kelly McGillis, Shannon Tweed, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ellen Barkin, Linda Blair + many more. Free Sample Pics!

101% Rape, Bondage and Abuse -- From the Movies Famous actresses raped, fucked, abused or just extremely nude. See Shannon Elizabeth, Rebecca DeMornay, Anne Heche, Jodie Foster, Drew Barrymore and many more. Free sample pics.

Facial Abuse

Toilet Whores Roughly Face-Fucked
Extreme throat-fucking, toilet-licking, gagging, puking. Painful anal insertions with toilet brushes and plungers. Verbal abuse, faces smeared with bile, cum and spit, drinking of toilet water.

Explicit High-Quality Rape Videos at BizarroVideo.com! Come on in for hard-to-find video downloads and DVDs combining themes of rape, violence and revenge, bondage, and hardcore sex. Some of these films star the then-unknown porn star Gauge! Titles include "After School Surprise," "Moved to Tears" and more sex Shockers!

Facial Abuse This extreme throat-fucking, facial cumshot site walks a fine line between consensual and non-consensual. Most of the girls on this site get much more than they bargained for and are NOT having a good time. They may gag, puke, cry, or even quit in the middle of the action. The guys who fuck them are sadistic pigs who enjoy spitting on, verbally abusing, bitch-slapping and degrading women.

Latina Abuse Where pretty Latinas get the Facial Abuse treatment. "There were points in the video I couldn't even see the cocks, all I could see was her face turning purple and rice and beans coming out of her mouth."

Ghetto Gaggers White boys degrading black hoes in the black-girl version of Facial Abuse. Extreme throat-fucking and multiple facials. "There were white cocks thrusting down her throat until she was reduced to a pile of vomit."

Bizarro Video

The Real Forced Sex XXX Films::
New Forced Sex films: seedy, sleazy, underground porn shockers EXTREME LUST violence, rape, and revenge. Fully uncut XXX HARD-CORE ROUGHIE DOWNLOADS! Visit bizarrovideo.com and see films such as NAZI SEX HORRORS , HIGHWAY SEX MONSTER, NIGHT TERROR, The BEST OF ROUGH SEX and many more sick, perverted films, DOWNLOAD ready! New movies are added every week!

Extreme Drawings Extreme depictions of BDSM, Rape, Torture, Abuse and Gore. Over 15,000 sick drawings collected over twenty years, including the works of the "greats" -- Bishop, Farrel, Ashley, Bill Ward, etc.

Cat Fight Gangbang Where groups of women gang up on and brutally fuck another woman. Dildos jammed deep into throats, assholes and pussies, fish-hooking, spitting, name-calling, open-mouth spit swapping and forced rimjobs.

Violent Comix Extremely high quality Gary Roberts comix featuring bondage, rape and torture of beautiful women with hairless pussies.

Force Fantasies Lorelei's romantic forced-sex photo fantasies with titles like "Unwilling Wench," "Lena and the Professor," and "Nurse Darla's New Patient." Each fantasy is a little costume drama typically involving tying-up, fondling and manhandling, loss of clothing and simulated sex. Free fiction stories and romance novel reviews!

Public Disgrace Beautiful European babes bound, forced to suck cock, fucked and spunked on in public. Bondage and humiliation in public with spectators looking on in confusion or amusement.

Sickest Phone Sex Fantasy Line SickestSites.com has its very own "ANYTHING GOES, NO TABOOS" phone sex fantasy line. These creative, sexy girls will talk about anything. They won't be shocked by your fantasies, they'll help make them come to life! Call 1-866-SICK-XXX (1-866-742-5999) to talk about your sickest, darkest desires.

BRUTAL MASTER -- Internet's Sickest Site: Recoil in horror at Brutal Master's unbelievable cruelty to his pain sluts. Breast skewering, bloody beatings, pussy sewing, electro torture. Hysterical sobbing and screaming, all REAL.
Cruel, extremely sick stuff!

Drawing Planet Highest quality drawings of extreme BDSM, gore, abuse, extreme torture and rape from the masters of the genre. Never has so much talent been used for so much evil.

Biohazard Uncensored Incredibly sick and degrading and about as close to real rape as you're going to see on a porn site. The uncensored version of "Biohazard Bitches," with the extreme mouth-pissing scenes restored. Each girl is made to sensuously lick the rim of a toilet. Then she is throat-fucked, usually until she pukes, in which case she is fed back her puke. Then she might get painfully rammed in the ass or pussy with a plunger or toilet brush, or made to lick a toilet brush, or have her face pushed in the toilet. She'll be spit on, slapped, verbally abused and forced to lick dirty asshole. Cum, spit, bile and puke will be wiped all over her face. Of course she'll end up with a face and mouth full of cum.

Hardcored Malicious men take pretty women just the way they want them, savagely fucking the shit out of them.

Drawing Palace The most extreme and brutal BDSM, torture, rape and snuff, in high quality vivid drawings. Instant erections guaranteed.

Bad Tales Extremely brutal rape comix, illustrated stories of rape, domination and torture.

Jap Torture The real Japanese material everyone wants. Original Japanese torture/rape movies from Cinemagic, Jabaku, In Mad, Art and Kitan Club. All movies include heavy torture and most have a rape story line.

Scream and Cream Unique rape / cumshot site. Brutal, violent rape videos and galleries, with each victim getting her pussy covered in jism in the end. High quality videos. Anal rape, Japanese rape, cheerleader rape, interracial rape and more.

Rape Movie Pics
Hottest Celebrities Stripped Nude, Raped and Victimized

Sex and Submission Presenting fucking and sucking in BONDAGE, this site violates the last porn taboo and mixes BDSM with sex. Very hot models getting abused and fucked. Restraints, deep-throating, spanking, choking, flogging, rough anal fucking, real orgasms.

Raped on the sofa Stranded girl is raped Home invasion rape
Masked men rape cashier Forced to suck cock Raped in the dark
Forced Blowjob Forced onto bondage table Rape by big cocks
Hot babe gagged, raped Two rapists anal violation Gang violence against girls
Asian prison babe 3-on-1 gang rape 2 masked men rape girl
Women exploited *More Free Galleries* *More Free Galleries*


T-Shirt Hell Sick and offensive T-Shirts. Sexual, crude, blasphemous, cruel, nasty, gross, funny, etc. Example: "Rape is no laughing matter, unless you're raping a clown."

Rape Action Fantasies Hundreds of free rape galleries with good thumbnailed pics and hundreds of free rape videos.

BDSM Library An enormous archive of stories. An advanced search on their search engine yields 239 stories with rape themes.

Fantasy Rape Thumbnailed links to rape picture and movie galleries. Clean site with no popups or misleading links.

Public Disgrace :
Beautiful European babes bound, forced to suck cock, fucked and spunked on in public. Bondage and humiliation in public with spectators looking on in confusion or amusement.
Hot women publicly fucked and humiliated!

Jefferson James Formerly known as "The Mudshark," James writes rape stories.

Dirty Nonk Tons of porn video clips, including a "violent" category and some very realistic (real?) rape videos, such as Japanese Girl Fucked at Public Rave Concert.

Bi Domination A clean thumbnail gallery post with links to rape picture and movie galleries.

Rape Blog Frequently updated blog with short promotional video clips and pictures.

Imma Scared's Nightlands and Screamscapes Imma's stories about rape by a bald man. (Archived version of dead site.)

Brutal Sex Pics A thumbnail gallery post with lots of rough-sex and forced sex galleries, many of which are linked with a thumbnail for easier surfing.

Rape Action TGP A thumbnail gallery post with lots of quality galleries and no jerking around.

Rape 4 Fun A thumbnail gallery post. Lots of free galleries, no misleading links.

Facial Abuse

Toilet Whores Roughly Face-Fucked
Extreme throat-fucking, toilet-licking, gagging, puking. Painful anal insertions with toilet brushes and plungers. Verbal abuse, faces smeared with bile, cum and spit, drinking of toilet water. PREVIOUSLY CENSORED SCENES HAVE BEEN RESTORED!

Free Rape Gallery Sixty free rape pics, including rape in bondage and vintage pictures

Extron's Den Well-done drawings of women being raped, molested and humiliated by men and monsters. (Archived version of dead site.)

Forced Fantasies Clean site linking with thumbnails and text descriptions to many rape galleries.

Fetish Crypt Lots of good rape movie and picture galleries. The thumbnails are all clean links to galleries. With the text links, you're taking your chances.

Rape Fantasy World Lots of free rape picture and video galleries with text link descriptions.

Erotic Rape and Forced Love Rape stories including "The Taking of Jenny McCarthy." (Archived version of dead site.)

Free Rape Videos Warehouse Links to rape and rough sex video galleries.

Actiondev A rape portal with links to free picture and video galleries and detailed reviews of pay sites. Includes a gay rape section.

Rape Stories A blog consisting of rape stories. "I filled her, hot and thick, while she cried. And I didn't care."

MissXtreme lives up to her name with super-extreme fisting, insertions and tortures. Peehole insertions, gaping and prolapse of asshole and pussy, needle-torture, weird object insertion, lactation, vacuum pumping.
See bloody gaping prolapsed holes

Brutal Rape Sex Extreme Lots of free rape pics and galleries.

Little Libbymac Rape stories by a woman writer. Libby Mac says: "To be honest, I don't think I want to be raped. I want other women to be raped. There is a difference." (Archived version of dead site.)

Rape Porn Post A blog with links to rape pics and movies.

Rape and Forced Sex Fantasy Blog Links to free rape photo and cartoon galleries.

Violent Deflorations The top 50 most popular free rape sites ranked by popularity.

Rape, Pillage and Plunder This is the flagship site for rape and torture stories and art where women and teenagers are raped, tortured, humiliated and abused. Women in prison, slavery, kidnapping, cheerleaders, defiled virgins and everything else you're looking for. Lots of free stories in the preview area.

Brutal Sex Pics Links to free forced sex and rough sex galleries. No misleading links.

Violent Show A list of free rape sites, ranked by popularity. Check back often to get the latest new links.

Rape Stories A series of visitor-submitted rape stories.

Beyondbent Artwork High quality 3-D artwork featuring bondage and rape of hot babes by demons, tentacled monsters, and unspeakable tentacled lab-created intelligent life forms.

Bad Tales of Rape
Illustrated Rape Stories -- Extreme Violence

Pretty Victims Free, very high quality comix of pretty women with shaved pussies bound, humiliated and raped.

Wild Forced Sex Clips Twelve video clips of forced sex, including a woman moaning in pain and protesting as she is fucked in the ass.

Home Teen Raped Movie Eight clips of a young woman attacked by two men.

Strange Page Fantasy rape and BDSM photos and writings. Features a "rape dungeon," where women can sign up, provide information on themselves and post pictures, all in hopes of men coming along and cyber-raping them.

snuff top


Morbid Fantasy Free rape galleries, including women raped by women.

Mudshhark's Rape & Forced Sex Fantasy Fiction Collection Well-written rape stories by Jefferson James.

Wild Rape Teenie Forty rape pics in four galleries. Galleries 2-4 are better than average material with realistic pics, agonized facial expressions, tears and runny mascara.

RAPE Top Lists – Forced Fucking and Humiliation!

Gang Rape Brutality
Rape Pages Forced Anal
Rape Chronicles
Brutal Extreme Rape
Rape Top List
Wild Rape and Abuse
Raped Babes
Violent Deflorations
Hard Extreme

Tales from Succubus Short stories and vignettes. Includes rape, snuff and erotic horror.

Cait's Basement Two dozen free rape stories, rape-related links and more. A formerly defunct pay site brought back to life as a free site.

All Extreme Sex Dozens of violent rape stories, plus bestiality and other extreme subjects. Sample: "He enjoyed the feel of his fist smashing hard against the soft skin on a woman's face. He enjoyed hearing the *smack* and the *crunch* as his blows landed. Most of all, he enjoyed hearing the painful groans of the women he beat."

Literotica An enormous archive of erotic stories in all categories, including 867 stories in the "non-consent" category.

Facial Abuse

Extreme throat-fucking, facial cumshot site. Most of the girls get much more than they bargained for and are NOT having a good time. They may gag, puke, cry or even quit in the middle of the action. The guys are pigs who enjoy spitting on, verbally abusing, bitch-slapping and degrading the girls.
Face-Fucked Whores

Rape Stories Stories with titles like "Bikini Model Gang Rape," "Ordeal in Turkey," and "Melissa Learns her Lesson." Scroll down on the main page to get to the stories. The "movies" and "pics" links lead to advertisements.

Anal Wronger's Page 500 thumbnailed pics depicting rape fantasies.

Rape Stories 280 stories divided into "Male/Female," "Gang Rape," "Incest," "Female/Female" and "Other." Also includes rape-related links.

Forced.info Thumbnailed rape fantasy pics, visible only 18 at a time and updated twice per day. One new video per day. A personal ad section, a tgp and a top list are in their infancy at this writing.

Superheroine in Peril 3D renderings of hot babes in perilous situations. Includes a rape by a gorilla and a gang rape by cavemen.

XXX Rape Pics Fat rapist with aloha shirt and shower cap binds and rapes girl in shower, then continues violating her in the bedroom. 60 pics.

Weird Rape Fantasy Pictures 40 thumbnailed rape fantasy pics, including some pretty convincingly unhappy grimaces.

Sleep Assault Gallery Pictures of women fondled and fucked while sleeping.

Free Rape Stories 8 rape stories. Includes "Captured Family," featuring forced incest.

Kinky Bride Abuse 40 pics of a bride forced down on the bed and raped.

Raping Pal A blonde finds out her male friend isn't really her friend after all, in this 40-pic scenario.

Violent Sex Pics Six 10-pic galleries of women attacked and raped.

Teen Rape Series Six 10-pic galleries of Russian-style pics of a young woman raped by two guys.

Wife Violated Seven galleries of an Asian woman surprised, bound and molested by an older white guy.

Forest Rape 48 pics of a woman tied to a tree, raped with a dildo and forced to suck cock.

Blue Collar Rape Scenes Vintage 70's-era pictures of women bound and forced to fuck. Poor scan quality.

Teen Rape Series Five 10-pic galleries of two young men forcing their way into all three holes of a helpless babe.

Home Rape Series Four 10-pic galleries featuring father-daughter and son-mother rape scenarios.

Chubby Women Raped Series Six galleries from one photoset featuring two masked men attacking and finger-raping a very fat old woman.

Violent Comix
Violent Bondage, Rape and Torture of Beautiful Women with Shaved Pussies


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