Realdoll Incredibly realistic silicone love dolls for sale. Are girlfriends obsolete?

Walter Miller's Homepage The hilarious saga of the pathetic Walter Miller and his hellish life with an abusive grandfather. Click on the "update" link at the top of the home page, and begin reading updates from the earliest forward.

Size Genetics This is the site that made me the man I am today. SizeGenetics is the first and only penis enlargement program to incorporate 4 different enlargement methods into one system.They offer: a penis traction device, penis enlargement pills, semen volumizers and a trial membership to a penis exercise website, all for just the price you'd expect to pay for the traction device alone.

Laid-Off: a No-Nothing Production Extremely funny flash cartoons about the unemployed lifestyle, where our hero eats Pringles and fudge-stripe cookies for breakfast and pads his resume. The main message is that "mon-ay is like, important 'n stuff."

Indian Nipple Song An Indian music video with subtitled English "lyrics" that are extremly funny.

Nothing Toxic Thousands of video clips of stuff like people getting beaten up, horrible accidents, shootings, freaks

Gallery of Regrettable Food Ads and cookbook pages from the 50's. Food photography then sure wasn't what it is today, and the results are revolting. The food items look like "pressed shank braised with smoker's phlegm" or "a cinnamon roll made entirely out of horse fat and brown sugar." And did you know Oscar Mayer actually used to make something called "Sack O' Sauce in a Can O' Meat?"

Steve, Don't Eat It The blog of a man brave enough to actually eat some regrettable foods, like "Potted Meat Food Product" and pickled pork rinds. Gross photos and funny text descriptions: "For all those times I wondered what it would be like to gnaw on my grandmother's thigh, I was about to find out."

Moments Before Two Girls One Cup Very funny, well-acted skit imagining what happened in the dressing room before the infamous Two Girls One Cup. Also funny: Kermit's Reaction to Two Girls One Cup.

1000 Facials

1000 Facials
Hot young pornstars fuck and suck huge-cock guys, always ending in a massive facial explosion. Gorgeous girls, juicy blowjobs, smeared makeup. Exclusive content, high-qualty movies.
Hottest hardcore girls

Stick Figure Death Theater and Stick men getting killed. A lot of people (including me) for some reason think this is funny. When you get tired of the violence, try Sunday for stick figure pornography.

How to Make a Girl Cum Extremely hot instruction video where a guy makes a hot girl have intense squirting orgasms through G-spot massage.

Amber Forever Hilarious. A male writer poses as a pretty 14 year old girl, then has cybersex with perverts and yanks their chains. The website consists of transcripts of the sessions. "Amber" will say "her" vagina was ruined by a waterskiing accident, or that "she" has a colostomy and wants someone to lick her intestinal opening. Quote: "I could only blink as you thrusted your feeble tool in and out of my flaccid, unresponsive vagina! . . . You raped my unresponsive retarded corpse!"

Ebaum's World Probably the best humor web site out there. Lots of funny animations, text files, videos, sound files, etc. The best feature is the celebrity "sound boards" which contain clips of a celebrity saying various things. You can use these sound boards to make prank calls that sound like they're from Judge Judy, Ozzy Osbourne, etc. Very funny. Take your favorite web site and "pornolize" it -- just type in the URL and hit "GO." If you go to the White House web site, "Special Events" becomes "Special Bust-a-Cunt Sex Fights." "Laura Bush" becomes "Laura 'Mistress Anal' Bush." Try it with your company's web site!

Doodie Cute little animated gifs, all featuring doodie. A new one every weekday, plus an archive of past doodies.

fuking machines

The Kathie Lee Oral Sex Simulator I'm not going to ruin the surprise -- check it out for yourself. Funny.


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