What a Freak! Sexy, humiliating, weird videos of people doing freaky things in hope of winning money.

Thin Fetish Anorexic nudes and super-thin stick figure girls. If your ideal girl has her spine and ribs sticking out, this is the place for you.

Ass Smoothie Young aspiring porn models are interviewed and then invited to make an "ass smoothie": mix the ingredients in a blender, pour it into the asshole via an anal speculum, jump up and down to mix, squirt it back out, and drink it. See their astonished reactions and guess which ones will actually do it.

Menstrual Porn Messy bloody period sex. Tampon removal, bloody pussies, blood sucked off cocks, etc.

1000 Facials

Cum for Cover
Hot European girls with tons of makeup suck 4-5 cocks and then get their faces glazed with multiple cumshots. The hottest scenes are when one girl licks the cum off another's face . . .
Hottest Euro-Girls Splooged

Squirt Bukkake A whole new take on the bukkake concept: girls getting drenched in female ejaculation! These whores can drink liters of cunt juice. See one drink the vaginal backwash of twenty girls with a beer funnel.

Max Hardcore Porn Max' site is about degrading women. He verbally abuses them. He cums huge loads over their expectant faces. He has them puke on his dick and so he can jerk off with the gooey vomit. He savagely sodomizes, fully fists, throat-fucks and pisses on them, and then makes them suck the slime right out of their own recently fucked asses! And they're not worn-out whores -- they're cute shaved girls with awesome bods.

Creamed Corn Holes Here's a weird one. Butt sluts sit on an actual cream pie, then get plowed up the ass by big cocks.

Wired Pussy

Dirty Dolls A truly bizarre site in which women made up to look like sex dolls are limp and speechless as men stick their cocks in their pussies and mouths.

Ass Munchers Very hot videos and pics of pretty girls licking and slurping men's assholes. These ass-eating sluts really go at it with gusto. Each video ends in an explosive handjob or blowjob orgasm.

Extreme Kream Site of hot pornstar Kream, known for extreme sex, rectal prolapse, and pussy squirting. Extreme prolapse, anal fisting, huge objects, extreme blowjobs, deep throating, cock gagging, squirting, anal cream pie, anal tongue play, strap on sex, lesbianism, veggie insertions, etc.

All Rough Sex "No mercy for whores" is the motto of this violent site. Choking, gagging, fishhooking, "swirlies," gapes, face-fucking, ass eating, ass-to-mouth, gangbangs, hard double penetrations.

Rusty Trombone The rusty trombone is ass-licking with a "reach around." Hot girls perform this degrading act for your enjoyment.

Anal Lick Fest Where every girl gets fucked in the ass then gets it licked. Lots of hot girl-on-girl ass licking. Really cute girls doing the most depraved stuff.

Biohazard Bitches Incredibly sick and degrading. Each girl is made to sensuously lick the rim of a toilet. Then she is throat-fucked, usually until she pukes, in which case she is fed back her puke. Then she might get painfully rammed in the ass or pussy with a plunger or toilet brush, or made to lick a toilet brush, or have her face pushed in the toilet. She'll be spit on, slapped, verbally abused and forced to lick dirty asshole. Cum, spit, bile and puke will be wiped all over her face. Of course she'll end up with a face and mouth full of cum.

MissXtreme lives up to her name with super-extreme fisting, insertions and tortures. Peehole insertions, gaping and prolapse of asshole and pussy, needle-torture, weird object insertion, lactation, vacuum pumping.
See bloody gaping prolapsed holes

Altered Assholes Raw, extreme anal action with lots of gaping assholes, big dick anal assaults, double penetrations, all featuring hot girls with tight bodies.

Black Crack Addicts Very cute very young white girls licking and sucking black men's assholes. This ain't just tentative licking -- this is full fledged ass-eating, tonogue up the rectum, ball-washing and faces shoved deep and gasping for breath. Hard core sex and throat fucking round out the picture.

Extreme Holly Holly is one sick bitch. She gags girls with dildos, fucks them in the ass with objects, writes obscenities on them, and pours piss on them. See messy throat fucking, bukkake, cum-snorting, snowballing, humiliation, pissing, spitting, and more.

Water Bondage Creative and sadistic water play. Hot nude women dunked in a chair, caged and sprayed, tied and submerged, hosed into submission and drowned until gasping.

Facial Abuse

Extreme throat-fucking, facial cumshot site. Most of the girls get much more than they bargained for and are NOT having a good time. They may gag, puke, cry or even quit in the middle of the action. The guys are pigs who enjoy spitting on, verbally abusing, bitch-slapping and degrading the girls.
Facial Abuse -- Face Fucking and Facial Cumshots

Sickest Phone Sex Fantasy Line SickestSites.com has its very own "ANYTHING GOES, NO TABOOS" phone sex fantasy line. These creative, sexy girls will talk about anything. They won't be shocked by your fantasies, they'll help make them come to life! Call 1-866-SICK-XXX (1-866-742-5999) to talk about your sickest weird desires.

Vaginal Sucker Women pump up their pussies to unbelievable size and then get down with hardcore action. Watch the labia puff and grow.

Gush Busters Teen girls with gushing vaginas. Hot girls masturbate to intense flooding orgasms, squirting gobs of thick juice. See the drooling pussies.

Sperm Swap
Every scene is jam packed with two smokin' hot babes. They get fucked and the first girl gets a big cumshot in her mouth which she swaps to the other girl who swallows it like a champ. A cumswap in every scene!
Best Snowballing Site

It's Just Chocolate Not shit, but it sure looks like it. Chocolate enemas, choco turds, speculums, chocolate fisting and cum shots. Fudge packed pussies and asses fist fucked hard then squirted out. See a guy shove chocolate up his ass then shit it out onto a girl's face. See pretty girls get all three holes filled with chocolate turds.

Freaky Midgets Little dwarves with bizarrely proportioned bodies in hardcore sex action.

BIZARRE Top Lists -- Sickest Hardcore Perversion!

Brutal Sick Art
Bizarre Sex
Slave Farm Sex
Cyber Bizarre
Pain Sex Art

Asian dude fisting a woman She's drenched in hot piss Hot babe fucks and sucks
Bloody period pussy Hot blonde deepthroater Cocksucking and teabagging
Pretty deep-throating blonde Naughty wife fists self Cutie spanked over knee
Huge veggie play Mistress buttplugs girl slave Two piss-drinking babes
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Extreme Restraints Every conceivable type of fetish gear, books and videos. Bondage and chastity devices, strapons, medical toys, dildos, lubes, anal plugs, penis and pussy pumps, vibrators, and much more.

T-Shirt Hell Sick and offensive T-Shirts. Sexual, crude, blasphemous, cruel, nasty, gross, funny, etc. Example: "Autistic Kids Rock!"

Mari-Chan Includes a collection of Pokemon-like "characters." While not explicit, the drawings are suggestive, disturbing and somehow evil.

The Fiction of Andrew Nellis - Erotic Horror There is some bizarre, twisted stuff in here. How about several grown women crawling up a guy's sphincter and wriggling around in his abdomen, for starters?

Extreme Movies 4 Us to Download and Psychodel's Free Phat Fetish Forum Message boards where anyone can post links to fetish sites. Pissing, whipping, bondage, fisting and more.

Headsick Pinups and Headsick Store Gore porn. Unbelievably hot models with tattoos and piercings, lots of blood, fake wounds, even dead nude bodies. The headstick store features a trailer of a very erotic hardcore gore porn movie.

The Collector Huge collection of female amputee pictures, real and fake, meticulously divided into categories by type of amputation.

Squirt Bukkake -- Female Ejaculation
A whole new take on the bukkake concept: girls getting drenched in female ejaculation! These whores can drink liters of cunt juice. See one drink the vaginal backwash of twenty girls with a beer funnel.
Sluts drenched in female love juices

Anorexia Pictures One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven Over a thousand non-thumbnailed pictures of girls, clothed and nude, ranging from model-skinny to near death from anorexia. Includes a girl so emaciated she has no breasts left, just limp loose skin with nipples. Also includes fantasy anorexia nude drawings.

Corpse Fuck Short stories of the morbid erotic and bizarre. Murder, cannibalism, cyborg alien rape, scat play, abortion, etc. etc.

Bizarre Video Games Sick, violent or sexual Flash video games like "Baby Chipper," where you shoot babies out of a vagina and into a wood chipper, or "Slit Your Wrists" where you position your wrists under knives and blades and avoid gauze and band-aids.

The Death that Existed Inside of Me Pictures of the unspeakable stuff that comes out of people's buttholes when they take colon cleansing herbs. Huge, long, stringy, rubbery, slimy bundles of congealed mucus, shit and God knows what else. See more by copying and pasting this into your browser: http://www.blessedherbs.com/photos2i.html

Gimps Gone Wild Nude and erotic pics of amputees and people with disabilities (pay site with preview pics). A must see is Doug and his wife, both of them with severe muscular distrophy and breathing with respirators but still managing to pleasure each other.

Extreme Bukkake

Unlimited downloads of videos by the infamous John Thompson. Really cute and young European girls take load after load to the face, swallow huge quantities of cum and swap sticky semen.
Euro-girls totally splooged

Female Fartleberries An extensive collection of pretty nude models caught with not-sufficiently-wiped assholes.

Guy Crushes his Balls A guy clamps his balls down to table and then further crushes them with a set of bricks. With each brick his cock gets harder and he finally cums.

Rahul's Death Page An essay exploring dozens of possible ways to kill yourself from drinking insecticide to jumping off a building and evaluating each method's effectiveness, availability and certainty.

Vicki Hooks Pictures and videos of a woman amputee with hooks instead of arms. Except she's not an amputee. And she's not a woman.

Birth Fetish Site One, Two and Three Three sites created by a woman who fantasizes in detail about having a difficult, painful birth. Birth photos, birth fiction, information on birth role-play fantasy, and more.

Iraqi Abuse Photos Pictures of Iraqis being stripped naked and abused by U.S. military personnel, including both the infamous ones everyone has seen plus many others.

Beaten with an Eel Bizarre Japanese porn in which a hot naked woman is first fucked with an eel, and then beaten hard with it while it bleeds all over her body.

Dogshit Eating Gallery A woman crawls around her yard, sucks her dog's cock, puts his shit in her mouth and smears it all over her body.

Fucking on a Dead Bear Cub A coed group of hunters shoot a baby bear out of a tree. Then the woman bends over the bear corpse while a male hunter fucks her from behind. A bunch of dogs then drag away the corpse and the hunters party and drink booze from the bottle.

MissXtreme Diaper and Milk Bottle Play Asian babe wears a diaper, squirts milk all over her pussy, and deeply inserts a baby bottle. From MissXtreme.

Drinking her Own Milk Three videos of a busty woman squirting breast milk into a bowl of cereal, and then drinking it.

The Sad Raccoon Usually I tell you exactly what you're going to see when you click a link but this one you just have to see for yourself -- and have your sound on.

Anorexic and Bulimic Rec Room A site for skinny-girl fetishists, with nude pics of anorexics and sick pro-ana text. Includes a "vomit is erotic" section.

1000 Facials

Cum for Cover
Hot European girls with tons of makeup suck 4-5 cocks and then get their faces glazed with multiple cumshots. The hottest scenes are when one girl licks the cum off another's face . . .
Hottest Euro-Girls Splooged

Annabelle's Dungeon of Depravity Bizarrely compelling stories of bondage and erotic horror. Try "Downward Spiral," which reads like a cross between Annais Nin and Franz Kafka.

EE Passion Sexually oriented personal ads including some very perverted ones. Sample: "Have almost no limits! Slavetoy seek a cruel master for extreme 24/7 discipline, deep humiliation and severe punishment . . . Love also piss and scat . . . ."

Masturbation Horror Stories A small collection of true stories of people injured or killed through their masturbatory activities.

Octopussy Video A woman expels an enormous octopus from her vagina.

Malaysia Caning Judicial Corporal Punishment Unbelievably brutal caning of a prisoner. He is beaten with full force over and over again as the skin on his buttocks split open and becomes more and more raw. I hope he did something really bad to deserve this.

Wipe Yo Ass Stunt Cock / Pornographer / Industry Joke Donny Long fucks a girl in this video, but he seems to have forgotten something.

Asshole Beats Dog with Skateboard Video of a young man smacking a dog twice in the head with full force with a big skateboard, while he and his buddy laugh. Unbelievable.

Gag Order Frankly, I didn't know what page to list this site on. Very extreme stories and art, some with snuff, some with torture, many featuring extreme forced body remodeling such as castration, amputation, or being turned into a flesh sex toy.

Vulgaras.net and Vulgaras Picture Archive Vulgaras is a punk band in which the singer, Velocity Chyaldd, takes out a butcher knife onstage and cuts up her mouth, breasts, pussy, etc. until she's a naked, bloody mess.

Beginner's Guide to Do-It-Yourself Prostate Drainage How to drain your infected prostate. Usually, I only link to sites that have a visual impact. This is all text, but it made me so sick to my stomach I couldn't read the whole thing.

MAX HARDCORE Max takes a young girl in baby-doll clothes and totally violates her humanity. He makes her speak baby-talk, chokes her with his dick until she pukes, makes her drink his slimy man-juice through a tube out of her own ass, fully fists her and more.

Hot Pussy and Creampie Movies In each of these sites a girl has milk injected into her pussy and then forces it out, followed by a fucking and a cream pie, in 12 short mpegs.

Cum Drinking After getting fucked by two guys, a girl milks the cum out of her pussy into a glass and then drinks it in 12 short mpegs.

Pussy Cave Gallery Bizarre manipulated photographs depicting a pretty blonde with a cavernous gaping dripping pussy big enough to stick your head into.

Fake TV Show A gorgeous girl smiles while she eats asshole, sucks cock and sucks a foot. 6 video clips.

Strange Sex Movies A girl squirts a milk enema out of her asshole, then gets fucked in the ass and farts out the cum, in 12 short mpegs.

Jon Benet Ramsey There are scores of "death metal" sites I could link to, but this one takes the cake. Check out all the lyrics, like this song: I'm hungry and I'm looking for a snack / I've got a craving for something in a sack / Shove my fist up her twat and listen to her squeal / Placenta and unborn fetus is just my kind of meal.

Pissing.com, brought to you by Kink.com
The most authentic pissing fantasies, directed and performed by true piss enthusiasts. The hottest girls in the industry get drenched.

The most erotic pissing site!

Huge Clit Gallery Closeups of clits so big they look more like cocks.

Publicly Degraded Slut In a staged piece of performance art a nude woman is dragged around, verbally abused, and smeared on her private parts with fish heads and beer while she writhes and screams.

Introduction to Japanese Porn If you want to know what Japanese porn is all about, this compilation will give you an idea: puking blowjobs, bondage, eyeball-licking, fucking in a pile of animal guts, crying, squirting and of course bukkake.

G.G. Allin Performance Video Punk singer G.G. Allin performs a song while totally naked except for his boots, displaying his tiny penis. During the song he craps on the stage, smears the crap on his face and flings some into the audience.

Maggot Lover Pictures of and an interview with a guy who enjoys the sensation of maggots crawling around on -- and inside of -- his penis.

Bizarre Beating of Nude Chinese Girl A nude girl is beaten, slapped and punched by about seven other Chinese women, while male voices in the background goad them on. She is incredibly stoic, barely reacting to the slaps.

Henderson Equine Castrating Instrument Very slick promotional video for a metal device that fits in an ordinary electric drill: you clamp it onto a horse's exposed testicles, then spin it around until the cord fractures and the balls come out. Many explicit demonstrations.

Ratt's Freakshow Excellent site with lots of pictures and information including conjoined twins, parasitic twins, facial deformities, hairy people, fat people, skinny people and more.

Divine Interventions Sex aids created in blasphemous shapes, like a dildo shaped like Christ on the cross, or a butt plug shaped like baby Jesus wrapped in a blanket.

Rosebuds Here's where you can buy something for that hard-to-shop-for person who has everything: asshole jewelry. Plug one end into the anus, and the other end is a crystal, jewel, eye, face, etc. Other unique erotic jewelry also for sale.

Foreskin An anti-circumcision website devoted to "close-up photographs of the normal, natural, intact adult male foreskin." This site would not have qualified as a "sickest site" except for the page devoted to smegma; don't look at that one without having a barf bag at the ready.

Kaboom, the Suicide Bomber Game Simple Flash game in which you run your suicide bomber up and down the sidewalk until you are in a crowd of civilians. See how many deaths and injuries you can cause. (My record is eight casualties.)

Fishes in Rectum Video A Japanese girl has dozens of slippery little fish inserted into her rectum, then she poops them out, still alive.

Squishy Kitty Video Horrifying video of an attractive young woman in stiletto heels squishing a mewing kitten to death with her foot and making its eyeball pop out in the process. In a way the Still Pictures of this incident are even worse.

Saggy Saggy 75 pictures for breast fetishists, including "abnormal" breasts and breast bondage. Not the "sickest" site in my list, but there's some weird stuff here.

Fat Free Pringles will Grease your Ass A funny story about what happens if you eat too many Olestra-containing Pringles (involves "Unwashable and Indestructable Ass Grease").


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