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Skin Video Thousands of pictures and videos organized and thumbnailed by category, all types of porn, including sick porn.

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T-Shirt Hell Sick and offensive T-Shirts. Sexual, crude, blasphemous, cruel, nasty, gross, funny, etc.

Natural Born Losers If you haven't yet seen this depraved couple who killed a man, chopped him in pieces, and took nude pictures of themselves with the body, then you just haven't experienced all the Internet has to offer.

Little Midgets Lots of gore pictures and videos, plus humor and free porn. One video looked so gross that I couldn't stand to download it just looking at the first frame. The most famous and one of the best "tasteless pictures" site, one of the top 700 most popular sites on the web. I sure wish I owned it. They seem to get the most shocking pictures that then circulate endlessly on the Internet. Like the weightlifter who had sudden and extreme prolapse of the bowels.

MissXtreme lives up to her name with super-extreme fisting, insertions and tortures. Pee-hole insertions, asshole and pussy gapes and prolapses, enormous object insertion, play-piercing, blood play, and much more.
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Kiuma Gore and more on this message board. Death/gore images, videos and audio, plus additional forums for "adult" and "strange."

BME Pain Olympics A video (real) of body-modification enthusiasts going over the top. One guy chops his balls off with a hatchet. Another cuts his cock off with a knife and then pulls his testicles out of his ball sack.

Ball Torture Video A man's scrotum is opened with a scalpel and his testicle exposed, then needles are run through the raw testicle.

Penis Abuse Compilation Video One and Two Contains clips of men abusing their penises by slicing off skin, cutting them down the middle, inserting things inside, slicing open their scrotums, hanging by the balls.

Execution of Russian Conscript Chechnyan insurgents cut a soldier's throat while he grimaces in agony, and then he bleeds to death while writhing on the gorund.

Fully Nude Dead Woman gets Processed A totally nude dead woman gets manhandled (embalmed?) in this five-minute video. This guy inserts a big knife deep under her eyelids and deep inside her gums, he peels her face off and lets it flop on her chest, he stuffs her empty skull with newspaper.

Failed Suicide Operation in Sadr City A guy writhes on the ground, missing one hand and one leg.

Choose Death An enormous collection of forensic pictures including autopsy pictures and crime scene photos.

Pop that Zit One of the most nauseating sites I've ever seen, with videos of zit popping and boil draining and pictures of horrible cystic acne, boils and staph infections.

The Flesh Farm Very well-done surfer-friendly site devoted to horror movies. Includes synopses, movie trailers, pictures, sound clips, previews and a "coroners report" for each film detailing each death.

Iraqi Mob Desecrates Americans' Bodies The infamous incident from Fallujah where bodies were burned and hanged from a bridge. Includes very clear, graphic photos and videos.

Peklo OK, gross-out fans, strap on your seatbelts. This site has lots of pics not seen on any other of the sites listed here, including some really disturbing ones (like a couple of different men whose penises are literally being eaten away by cancer). Categories include disease, executions, murder, deformity, vivisection, accidents, genocide. Webmasters should take a page from this site's book: the thumbnails are not just a tiny version of the big picture, where you have to squint to see what it is. Instead, the thumbnails show only a key detail of the picture.

What Happens During Circumcision? Answer: you don't want to know. This page is part of the Circumcision Information and Resource Pages. Even more horrifying circumcision pictures can be found at the Circumcision Information Resource Center.

KAT -- MY FAVORITE PORN STAR Tiny 19-year-old with braces and a flat chest who does extreme stuff. See her bound, dominated, cock-gagged and ass-fucked in Sex and Submission. See her drilled up the ass in Fucking Machines. See her tightly tied and suspended in Hogtied. See her wrestle another woman nude in Ultimate Surrender. See her get her ass beat by two lesbians in Whipped Ass. See her pussy electrified as part of a lesbian gang bang in Wired Pussy. See her lick female ass in Anal Lick Fest.

Intactivism Pages An enormous amount of anti-circumcision information here. Includes pictures of botched circumcisions, including two really disgusting pictures of a baby suffering from the flesh-eating bacteria, and close-up pictures of circumcisions being performed.

African Boy Circumcized Very explicit, gory clip of an African boy having a very large piece of foreskin removed from his penis with a machete. His stoicisim is unbelievable.

Catalog of Clinical Images Gross medical pics of things like leprosy, gangrene, raging infections and "strangulated hernia with eviscerated small bowel."

Unwatchable Pus Video Sorry, I just couldn't watch this one. A guy with a probably life-threatening staph infection in his chest wall is more interested in being a YouTube exhibitionist than in getting cured, and does unspeakable things.

Unwatchable Vaginal Cyst Video Couldn't watch this one either, which has something to do with surgery on a vaginal cyst.

Emasculation Thumbnailed pictures showing everything bad that can happen to a penis. Includes picture series on the following topics: Voluntary self-castration by a man with big fake tits; circumcision on an adult; surgery to correct excessive curvature of the penis. Extremely disgusting miscellaneous images of diseased penises (cancer, gangrene, warts, elephantiasis) and injured penises. This site answers the question: "What's worse than dying?"

Saddam Execution Video Cell-phone video of Saddam being hanged. See the noose being dropped, Saddam falling through the trap, and views of his face after the hanging.

Brutal Persecution A web site documenting China's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Includes pictures of horrifying bruises, burns, swollen body parts and deformities on both live people and corpses, plus text and illustrations describing torture techniques.

Baby Features pictures of aborted fetuses and children killed in war. Check the archives for a disturbing video of an abortion.

Harmless Great collection of pics including lots of deformed babies, historical atrocities (lynchings and concentration camps) and miscellaneous gross stuff.

Help Jacqui A website devoted to a beautiful young woman who was in an accident with a drunk driver and basically had her face and fingers burned off. Includes a Power Point presentation with pictures and an anti-drunk-driving TV spot.

Roasted Baby Video A baby burned to a black crisp, its legs missing, is displayed for the crowds and media in Gaza.

Marlie Casseus Image Search A Google image search for "Marlie Casseus," a girl with a 16 lb. tumor on her face that made her look like a hippopotamus. Makes the Elephant Man look like he had a bad case of pimples. Includes pictures of her after surgery, too.

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My Rattlesnake Bite Horrifying pictures include an arm stripped of most of its skin thereby exposing the muscle, dead tissue and skin grafts. You do NOT want to be bitten by a rattlesnake.

Ovarian Cyst Gallery Photos of a huge ovarian cyst the size of two grapefruits being surgically removed.

Aborted Baby Born Alive with its Organs on the Outside The heart is outside the chest wall and is beating.

Hot Pussy Video Some guys put a kitten in a cage, douse it with gasoline and you can guess the rest.

Vulva and Anus Removal Video A dead woman's vulva and anus are removed with a scalpel during a dissection.

Faces of Meth Whoa! Click on the thumbnails to see what meth can do to you after a few months or years. Hollowed-out cheeks, grotesque lesions, eye bags, premature aging.

Motorcycle Crash Rips a Guy's Foot Straight off his Leg A motorcycle slides under a guardrail, which cleanly slices off the driver's foot. He's fully conscious and able to sit up; wonder what he's thinking.

Disgusting Pus Video Warning: this one may really make you puke. This guy has a pus-filled boil on his face bigger than a golf ball. He makes a big hole in it and begins squeezing.

Sexy Junkies Naked women, real junkies, many covered in lesions, most shooting up. Two of the pictures seem to be before and after -- a woman poses in front of a derelict car, and then appears to be genuinely dead afterwords, with lividity appearing in her face and shoulder.

Road-Rage Guy Gets Run Over A bully body-slams the windshield of a man he already beat up, and the victim slams the accellerator and totally runs him over. Very cool video.

Emasculation Video An African man gets his penis cut off as punishment., brought to you by
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Two Hostages Beheaded Very graphic video of men getting their heads sawed off.

Atlas of Pediatric Surgery Tons of good disease and deformity pics here. The "genitalia" section has very bizarre deformed genitals.

Charon Boat Cool gory pictures including a guy severed completely in half in an accident and a woman who jumped from a high place and cracked her head completely open.

Examples of NOMA, Noma Hospital Photo Gallery Pictures of a horrible form of gangrene that affects children in third world countries. It starts in the mouth and devours the rest of the face.

World Wide Wounds A serious online resource for wound management with truly heaveworthy pictures of ulcerated skin, maggot therapy and the like.

Girl Eats her Scabs Video A heavily medicated girl with burn scabs on her face plucks them off and eats them.

No Scalpel Vasectomy Vasectomy information, including horrifying full-color pictures and movies of the procedure. This one will have you protectively grabbing your balls.

Bukkake Pee, Cum and Pee Parties
Extreme bukkake parties with loads of cum and piss dumped on pretty, willing faces. Very pretty nude girls sit in a wading pool and take it all from groups of lewd guys.

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My Vasectomy More explicit pictures of a vasectomy in progress. This site helpfully gives each page a "squeamish rating" before you click on it.

Extreme Birth Deformities and Extreme Depleted Uranium Catastrophe Two pages with horrific pictures of gross birth deformities in Iraqi babies, allegedly due to depleted uranium. (Archived versions of dead sites.)

Right and Wrong Made Simple Pictures of aborted late-term fetuses, designed to turn you into a right-to-lifer. But hey, we just want to see some gross stuff. (Archived version of dead site.)

Fighting the Curse of the Face-Eating Tumor Pictures of a guy whose face is a huge mass of pulpy, lumpy flesh. Click on "Herpes Pictures" to see herpes pictures.

Two Dead and Mangled in Crashed Car Video of workers preparing to remove the bodies of two people who never had a chance.

Treatment of Diabetic Foot 200 case studies of treatment of feet with huge, festering ulcers, gangrene, etc. Unspeakably disgusting.

Photos from Falluja Photos of dead and injured Iraqi children.

Nikki Catsouras Pictures Pretty eighteen-year-old who totalled a Porsche, now notorious on the Internet as "Porsche Girl." Her head was exploded wide open and her brains scattered on the ground.

Abortion Pictures Graphic pictures of aborted embryos and fetuses, and pictures of abortions in progress.

Dr. Yamada's Hemorrhoids Forum Japanese ass doctor explains all about hemorrhoids and anal fissures, with pictures. Don't miss the pictures of how to fix prolapsed internal hemorrhoids. Gallery Hemorrhoid pictures including an amazing complete rectal prolapse.

Atlas of Surgical Pathology Incredibly gross pictures here including anus cancer, vulva cancer, haemangionoma of the face, hernias and much more.

Wall of Disturbing Genitalia Photos of deformed genitals: micropenis, double penis, parts not where they're supposed to be, etc.

Pat Jagodic's Page Includes a gallery of pictures of "mossy foot disease," a form of elephantiasis. "Mossy" doesn't begin to describe it -- unbelievable.

ABPG's Finest Moments The "best of" Really sick pictures accompanied by smartass remarks from the newsgroup participants.

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Garbage House Click on "Hideous Pictures Gallery" for thumbnailed pictures of diseases, fat, freaks, bad pussies, and gore.

Celebrity Morgue Pictures of dead celebrities, including Kurt Cobain, Tupak Shakur, and Tiny Tim.

Chris Farley Gallery Really disgusting pictures of comedian Chris Farley's dead body. What's that coming out of his mouth?

Weed Whacker v. Human Chest A scene from "Combat Zone Wrestling" in which a weed whacker is applied to an opponent's naked skin, resulting in a fine spray of blood and flesh particles.

Dermatology Online Atlas Huge quantities of medical photos so disgusting that you'll be scared to click on the thumbnails.

Brutal Dildos
Rectal Prolapse


Long Beach Animal Hospital You just never know what's going to turn out to be a "sickest site." Home page for an animal hospital features extremely explicit, gory pictures of testicles being removed from cats, dogs and pot bellied pigs, tumor and hernia removal, etc. Use the menu under "Medical Services."

Send Me Your Wound Submitted pics of disgusting wounds.

HIVdent Pictures of diseases of the tongue, gums and mouth experienced by AIDs patients. Check out this site -- particularly the pictures of Kaposi's sarcoma and hairy leukoplakia -- before you spend a lot of time and money on dental school.

Dr. Dubin's Collection A big collection of disgusting dermatology images, with the world's grossest Flash slideshow on the opening page.

Malady of the Month Featuring horrible diseases like flesh eating ulcers, leprosy, rabies, and most horrible of all -- harlequin fetus.

A Case of Harlequin Fetus More Harlequin Fetus pictures, plus interesting text information. This is the scariest fucking disease.

Baby Snake A video of a harlequin baby. When it cries, it has good reason.

MAX HARDCORE Max takes a young girl in baby-doll clothes and totally violates her humanity. He makes her speak baby-talk, chokes her with his dick until she pukes, makes her drink his slimy man-juice through a tube out of her own ass, fully fists her and more.

Ichthyosis Pictures Ichthyosis is the "fish skin disease" of which Harlequin Fetus (see above) is an extremely severe variant. Some heartbreaking pictures of babies with terrible cases of this disease.

Bad Mouth Gallery Pictures of people with things horribly wrong with their mouths.

400 lb seven-year-old video Jessica was 400 lbs at 7 years old, could not walk and got around by scooting on her butt. In the update we see from pictures that she has lost a lot of weight but is terribly bowlegged from having all the excess pounds.

Prosthetic Eye A clip in which a young woman removes the prosthetic shell covering the shiny pink tissue that actually fills her eye socket.

Uday and Qusai Post Mortems The dead bodies of Uday and Qusai Hussein, before and after being prettified by the mortician.

Dental Photos Some really gross stuff here: start by clicking "Hopeless Teeth" or "Periodontal Complications."

Farm Murders Very gross photos of white farmers murdered in South Africa, including a man missing the entire top half of his head.

Nozum Jam The personal web site of one of the strangest looking people I've ever seen. He suffers from a birth defect that resulted in double cleft lip, cleft palate, missing eyelids, flattened nose and misaligned jaws. Site includes gross pictures of him playing around with his tracheostomy tube. He loves God, even though God fucked him up good.

PETA Chicken Video Very poor-quality hidden-camera video of slaughterhouse workers maliciously throwing live chickens against a wall or on the ground, kicking them and stomping them.

Hog Bung Dropper Video A video demonstration of a high-tech device that slaughterhouse workers shove up the assholes of dead pigs to suck out their rectums.

PETA Slaughterhouse Video Video of "incidents" at a kosher slaughterhouse, where the animals are killed by having their throats cut. Sometimes it doesn't go as quickly and smoothly as it's supposed to.

Silicone Holocaust and Silicone Breast Implants - Photos your Plastic Surgeon won't Show You Gruesome photos of breast implant surgery gone horribly wrong, including necrosis, double mastectomy, and infection.

Gross Specimens -- Fetuses Normal and grossly deformed fetuses in formaldehyde jars. Reminds me of the scene in "Alien Resurrection" where Ripley finds all the failed versions of her clones.

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Genital Warts Pictures Come on guys, wear a condom already. Warts on anuses and penises.

Gangrene Scrotum One picture of a gangrenous scrotum. Only about five pictures here, but they are disturbing.

Baby Photo Retouching Service A service to retouch photos of stillborn babies so they look less, well, dead. The "after" pictures are only slightly less disturbing than the "before" ones.

Stone Baby Fascinating pictures of a calcified fetus that remained in its mother for three years before being removed.

Skin Rash Hall of Fame Really gross pictures of poison ivy rashes.

Do-it-yourself Podiatry Pictures Horrible bloody pictures of a guy who performed surgery on an ingrown toenail with wire cutters.

Hot Girl Sucks Diseased Dick What looks like an ordinary porn gallery becomes a "sickest site" on closer inspection. How did they get this girl to suck a cock that has a huge fucking blister on it? And why?

Eye Disease Photos Very appetizing.

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Elm Street Non-thumbnailed gross photos with text link descriptions, such as a guy who was run over by a truck and had his guts pushed out his mouth. Annoyingly, about half the links lead to 404 errors.

Ferrari Accident Several pictures of a mangled body lying next to a mangled Ferrari. The body pieces are so mixed up it's hard to figure out what used to go where.

A World Record Tumor? Pictures of a 17.6 pound tumor on the neck of an old lady, plus a bloody picture of its removal.

Si Quey's Place Pictures of Bangkok's Museum of Medical Forensic Science, featuring pickled babies.

Eye Maggot Pictures of a maggot being removed from an eye in which it had embedded itself.

My Personal Pics of Roadkill No comment necessary.

Forced Existence Tons of non-thumbnailed gore pics, plus Manson crime scene pics.

Decapitation Pictures of a man who, while fleeing police, jumped over an interstate railing and was neatly decapitated by a wrought-iron fence.

Autopsy Photos of Lisa McPherson Close-up pictures of various parts of the body of the bruised and possibly bug-bitten corpse of a woman who died while in the custody of the Church of Scientology.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan Includes pictures of Taliban assholes parading down the street holding up cut-off hands and feet, children caught in U.S. bombings, and a movie of a woman being publicly executed by rifle. See "Qasas" in movie gallery 3 for a gruesome throat-slitting.

Necro Hip Hop Very small gore page includes pictures of a body in 14 stages of decomposition.

Myxoedema and a Lost Wedding Ring Photos of the hand of a crazy woman who allowed her finger to swell up and swallow her ring.

Gangrene Balls Several pictures of the cock and balls of a man who choked off his circulation with metal rings, resulting in grotesque swelling and blackened, dead skin.

Ear Maggots Video Close-up video of maggots writhing in someone's ear canal.


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