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Piercing Torture

Piercing TorturePiercing Torture
Piercing Torture

Piercing Torture
Piercing Torture
Piercing Torture
Piercing Torture

Piercing Torture

Sweet PMG Hot young goth and punk girls covered in cool tattoos and sexy piercings showing of their naked canvases. This site also has "amateur" and "anal" sections.

Skin Video Thousands of thumbnailed and organized videos and pictures from Usenet covering every conceivable fetish and regular sex as well. Includes

Ink and Pink Hot amateur babes in full tattoo session videos plus a full hot, hardcore masturbation scene for each girl. The girls are given a free tattoo in exchange for frigging their wet pussies for the camera -- ink for pink.

Pierced Fetish Intimate body piercings and tattoos with over 100 "modified" models and amateur honeys. Hardcore action with girls that have their pussies, clits and tongues pierced.

Piercing Torture

MissXtreme Pussy Infibulation
MissXtreme lives up to her name with super-extreme fisting, insertions and tortures. She has a pierced clit and engages in multiple piercings, blood play, body play, peehole insertions, vacuum pumping and much more.
See extreme body play

Vaginal Sucker Women pump up their pussies to unbelievable size and then get down with hardcore action. Watch the labia puff and grow.

Real Tattooed Chicks The hottest, sexiest chicks with provocative ink all over their naked skin. Old and young, skinny and meaty, they're all here and all tattooed. Includes full nudity and even hardcore action.

Piercing Torture

Two wild tattoo girls Modded girl gets drilled Modded girl bound
Pierced girl in H2O dungeon Tat girl gets tortured Tat girl agonized shrieks
Torture of pierced girl Pierced clit gets shocked Pierced girl tied, fingered
Modded girl shock torture Pierced girl masturbates Dripping wet pierced pussy
Tongue-pierced oral load Three piercings in cunt Nipple piercings and tats
Pierced pussy cumshot Deep outer labia piercings Goth girls show their tats
Tattooed girl gets dildoed Pierced girl spanked Teen with nipple piercings
Huge pussy piercings Tat teen shows clit piercing Extreme pussy piercings
Pierced lesbo slut Extreme pussy lip stretch Babe gets her nipple pierced
Wild, very pierced lesbians Pierced clit and nipples girl Pretty pierced pussy
Adorable pierced redhead Sexy seahorse tattoo Pussy piercings display
Tongue getting pierced Lesbo goths with mods Tattooed beautiful blonde
Extreme mod goth lesbos Nipple getting pierced Pierced pussy gaped open
Self-fisting by clit-pierced Nipple-pierced bound slut Adorable girl gets tattoo
Exotic w/ pierced puss Nun with pierced labia Multiple pussy piercings
Pierced pussy fisted Pretty pierced pussy Hot goth girl with mods
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Extreme Restraints Every conceivable type of fetish and bondage gear including penis pumps, penis enlargers, nipple pumps, and pussy pumps. Books include "Play Piercing" and "Erotic Knifeplay."

T-Shirt Hell Sick and offensive T-Shirts. Sexual, crude, blasphemous, cruel, nasty, gross, funny, etc.

Piercing Torture

BME: Body Modification Ezine The leading site on body modification, with various piercing, tattooing, etc. pictures. Lots of genital piercings and extreme stuff used to be available here for free, but no more. Use the search feature for interviews with "Splitcock," "Gelding," "Fingernail," and "No Hand."

BME Free Samples Extreme pictures including a knife plunged through the perimeter of the anus, saline injections, pumping, needle play, extreme cock modifications, genital nailing, extreme constriction, castration, nipplectomy and -- penile amputation.

BME Cover Archive 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999 Incredible photos including extreme genital mods, skewered balls, castration, ball stretching, scarification, torture, implants, extreme insertions, saline injections, cockhead amputation (!), a finger puppet made out of a severed penis (!!), anal torture, lots of blood and much more including stuff I can't even figure out what it is. For the later years use the numbers at the bottom of each page for navigation.

BME/Risks A thorough discussion of the risks of various modifications, with illustrative photos. For weird/sick photos check out the following, among others: "Cheese Cutter Effect," "Nipple Splitting," "Overpumping," "Penis Splitting Related Infection," "Showerhead Effect," "Reduced Ejaculatory Distance," "Dry Gangrene."

BME Video Three preview video trailers are some of the sickest shit you'll ever see: finger amputation, a huge prolapsed rectum, skewered and cut-up flesh, a pumped-up cock the size of a football, ball-hanging, pierced and ruined testicles, a cock pounded with a hammer, unbelievable urethral and anal insertions, lots of blood and cum.

BME Encyclopedia An encyclopedia of body modification. In the Extreme category are articles and pictures of such things as "Female Nullification," "Penectomy," "Pruning" (of the penis), "Genital Bisection," "Castration" and much more.

Shawn Porter Collection Features tattooes, piercing, implants, amputation and genital modifications. Highlights include a guy who split his tongue down the middle and filed his teeth to look like a snake, and a girl who amputated her pinky toes. (Archived version of dead site.)

BME People Interviews with body modification enthusiasts, complete with photos. Don't miss pages for "Splitcock," "Gelding," "Fingernail," "Subincision" and "No Hand." (Archived version of dead site.).

Dogslut's Homepage Dogslut is a debased shemale slave who cut off its own testicles -- the whole story, in vivid detail, can be found here. Graphic photos of the testicle removal and its aftermath, cock sewed up with thread, etc. Dogslut's ultimate goal is penis removal so as to be neither a he or a she, but an it. (Archived version of dead site.)

The Destruction of Female Genitals Extremely bloody and graphic photos of a white woman voluntarily having her inner labia removed. The strips of bloody flesh are then laid across her belly for display. (Archived version of dead site.)

Cicatrix Nude pictures of Ella, who has burn scars over one-third of her body from a childhood accident, and thinks of them as a body modification. Pretty girl with a nice body!

Love at First Bite Photo-illustrated story of a couple who fell in love and marked the occasion by biting into the first joint of each other's ring fingers and then completing the amputation with a knife.

Penis Head Removal A series of pictures of a guy who applied tight ligatures to his cock and then cut off the head in a virtually bloodless operation.

Todd Bertrang Includes pictures of extreme body modifications including labia removal and "penis head bifurcation." This is an archived version of a long-dead site, and not all of the pictures work.

Body Mod Pix A message board where post pictures of their mods. Includes some extreme like the guy who cut his nipple off.

Female Piercing Lots of nice pictures of pierced pussies, including some fairly extreme ones involving stretching.

Beef Curtain Removal Video A tattooed woman has one of her labia minora graphicaly sliced off. Video ends with a close-up of the severed, bloody "earlobe." Lots of piercing pics, including some bloody ones, plus a few piercing videos.

Clitoris Pumping Part 1 Asian babe pumps up her pierced clitoris until it's sucked a good three-quarters of an inch up a tube. From MissXtreme. "A friendly website for the eunuch community." Huge archive of fiction stories involving castration.

A Eunuch's Personal Pages Archived version of long-dead site of a man who had his cock and balls cut off. Unfortunately, most of the pictures don't work, but there's one amazing one here.

Unbelievable Pussy A gallery of a woman with at least twenty-seven enormous rings through her incredibly stretched inner and outer pussy lips.

Clit Hood Piercing Gallery MissXtreme pierces her clit hood with a large gauge needle and shows off her bloody pussy. From MissXtreme.

Devil's Stigmata Piercing Gallery Lots of high-quality pictures of all types of piercings including exotic genital and even anal piercings, suspensions by piercings, play piercings, brandings and scarifications.

Pussy Pierce Gallery A series of high quality bloody pictures of a woman having her outer labia pierced with three very thick needles.

Adult Metal -- Piercing and Tats
Extreme piercings, close-ups of live piercing procedures, pierced nipples, pussies, tongues, bellies and clits. Goth girls ready for anything, kinky pierced lesbians and glamorous girls with hidden piercings.
See the Modified Bodies Home page of Mick and Dee, an amateur couple into bondage. Lots of nice pictures of Dee's nine large pussy piercings.

Ampallang Piercing Pictures of a cock-head piercing in progress. It's squished real tight with forceps and then a big-ass needle is shoved through.

Newart Forums A bulletin board for "pumpers" who use vacuum pumps on their penis and/or balls, clit and/or labia to make them huge and engorged. Lots of pics posted by members.

Split Cock Masturbation Video A guy whose cock and balls are split all the way down the middle masturbates until he squirts out of a hole at the base.

Body Modification by Blair Lots of pics including genital piercings, big brandings (ouch!), and "pearlings" (insertion of pearls under the skin of the penis).

The Barron Centers Penis enlargement -- body modification with a purpose! Lots of before and after pictures, complete with sutures and blood. (Archived version of dead site.)

Gary Alter MD A surgeon who approves the appearance of the vulva and clitoris.

Triangle Piercing Video A woman who already has a vertical clit-hood piercing gets a triangle one.

PSURG Interesting before and after pics of penis enlargements and vulva reductions.

Cosmetic Surgery of the Female Genitalia Before and after pics of floppy beef curtains snipped off to create a more petite snatch.

Ink and Pink
Hot amateur babes in full tattoo session videos plus a full hot, hardcore masturbation scene for each girl. The girls are given a free tattoo in exchange for frigging their wet pussies for the camera -- ink for pink.
Masturbation and Tattoo Sessions

Metal Pussy Gallery One and Two Galleries of a woman with about 29 large gauge piercings in her inner and outer pussy lips getting tormented, having her meaty lips stretched and having large objects shoved up her ass.

Pussy and Asshole Pumping Gallery Yummy pictures of assholes, pussies and clits being pumped up to huge size.

MissXtreme Shaving 1 Asian babe shaves all of her pussy hair. Good vivid closeups of her pierced clit hood. From MissXtreme.

Pumper's Guide Tons of pictures of huge pumped-up cocks and balls, clits the size of small penises, puffy pussies, and lots of "how to" information and pumping gear for sale.

CPumper1's Site Lots of pictures of penis and ball pumping and saline infusion, nipple stretching and other gay fetish stuff.

Miss Xtreme Big Lips MissXtreme pumps up her pussy lips until they're really big, juicy and delectable. From MissXtreme.

Flesh Hook Gallery A pretty girl hoisted into the air by six huge metal hooks pierced through the skin of her back.

The Indestructible Man Pictures and video of, and an interview with, a man who likes to insert huge steel rods through the skin of his torso.

Cutting and Skin Removal Truly bloody pics of a guy who got strips of skin removed from his arm to commemorate his daughter's first birthday. Dude, just buy her a doll and be done with it.

Dutchman Here's a guy who really likes to play with himself, particularly his balls, dick and ass. Lots of pictures of Dutchman with huge quantities of saline injected into his balls, fists and huge objects (road pylons) jammed into his asshole and basically turning it inside out, pencils in the urethra, etc. Lots of detailed text describing each play session.

Tongue Splitting Video A short mpeg video of a man having his tongue split down the middle, complete with lots of blood and grimacing.

Third Nipple Piercings Men and women who have pierced their third nipples. Some of them look less like nipples than like moles or zits.

Mischa Mischa's page includes pics of his genital piercings, cock and ball torture, urethral probes and -- ouch, ouch, ouch! -- meatotomy.

Spook Spook is an attractive young woman who has gotten her waist down to 14 inches using corsets. These pictures will freak you out.

Primal Urge Includes a gallery of genital, facial and body piercing. Check out the "golden butterfly" female genital piercing.

Extreme Bukkake

Extreme Bukkake. Unlimited downloads of videos by the infamous John Thompson. Really cute and young European girls take load after load to the face, swallow huge quantities of cum and swap sticky semen.
Euro-girls totally splooged

Infinite Body Piercing Includes good pictures of lots of piercings, including female and male genital piercings and a few extreme male genital mods.

Bald Pierced Girl takes Dildo Totally bald girl with ten outer-labia piercings and miscelaneous other tats and piercings inserts a dildo.

Piercing Pics Non-thumbnailed piercing pics, mostly of male genital piercings.

Asshole Pumping Gallery A woman vacuum pumps her asshole until it's about the size of a half tangerine.

Pussy Pumping Gallery One,Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-One, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Three, Twenty-Four, Twenty-Five, Twenty-Six, Twenty-Seven, Twenty-Eight, Twenty-Nine, Thirty, Thirty-One, Thirty-Two, Thirty-Three, Thirty-Four, Thirty-Five, Thirty-Six, Thirty-Seven, Thirty-Eight Babes pump their pussies until red, shiny, wet and the size of a softball.

Layla Extreme Pumping Gallery One, Two, Three Pretty young fisting and objects queen Layla pumps up her pussy to extravagant sizes.

Pumped and Pierced Gallery Pussies that are both heavily pumped and heavily pierced.

Heavily Pierced Woman gets Fisted One and Two Movies of a woman with tons of large-gauge labia piercings getting brutally fisted and dildoed.

Tattooed Crotch Gallery Hot blonde babe poses nude, displaying exotic tattoo on her shaved pubic area and outer pussy lips.

Labia Piercing Gallery A woman screams in pain as her labia is pierced.


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