Psycho Thrillers Short real-time horror films of serial killers hunting down pretty young girls, available for download. Brutal and merciless deaths from the killer's point of view. Films include rape, strangulations, necrophilia and sleepy scenarios. Graphic violence, nudity.

Sickest Phone Sex Fantasy Line has its very own "ANYTHING GOES, NO TABOOS" phone sex fantasy line. These creative, sexy girls will talk about anything. They won't be shocked by your fantasies, they'll help make them come to life! Call 1-866-SICK-XXX (1-866-742-5999) to talk about your darkest sick desires.

Severe Games A site devoted to "breath control," i.e., hanging, drowning, bagging. Asphyxiation enthusiasts will NOT be disappointed. Site members can request their favorite fantasies to be custom-produced. This site also includes Japanese bondage, torture, hot wax, slave training, nipple clips, humiliation and more.

Water Bondage Creative and sadistic water play. Hot nude women dunked in a chair, caged and sprayed, tied and submerged, hosed into submission and drowned until gasping.

Naughty Nikita Home of extreme asphyxia and BDSM queen Nikita. Nikita and her friends are real BDSM slaves who will take you on a journey of extreme BDSM play, breath control and domination.

Bondage and breath control Lesbian Strangulation Nude in water torture tank
Dominated, choked, fucked Pain, choking and fucking Breath control in bondage
Redhead rafter hang Nude slave in water tank Evil near-drowning bondage
Near-drowning in lake Kidnapped and hanged 3 babes dunked headfirst
Executioner hangs female Bagged until unconscious Indian girl hanged until dead
Immersion in water tank Drowning edge-play Gagging on his foot
Water torment of nude Full-submersion bondage Pussy sprayed hard
Hanged, purple face *More Free Galleries* *More Free Galleries*


Extreme Restraints Every conceivable type of fetish gear. Latex and leather slave hoods and muzzles to restrict breathing. Mouth gags, including inflatable and funnel gags. Bondage and chastity devices, electrosex gear, dildos, strap-ons, nipple clamps, enema devices, dungeon furniture, cages, medical equipment, fetish books and every kind of whip, paddle and cane.

T-Shirt Hell Sick and offensive T-Shirts. Sexual, crude, blasphemous, cruel, nasty, gross, funny, etc.

Retrotek's House of Gaspers Retrotek is the founder of the newsgroup and his site is dedicated to "gaspers" aka "choke chicks" -- women who enjoy being choked during sex. Includes lots of photos of women posing or giving head while choked with a noose or tight cord, plus artwork, photos of various choking apparatus, cartoons and stories.

Bizarro Video

A site devoted to "breath control," i.e., hanging, drowning, bagging. Request your favorite fantasy to be custom-produced. Also includes Japanese bondage, torture, hot wax, slave training, nipple clips, humiliation and more.


Damien's Story Fair Lots of stories by Damien and others, with an emphasis on hanging and strangulation. Most of Damien's stories are "consensual" or "semi-consensual." A sample: "The tingling in her groin is growing uncontrollably, her ears are ringing, and her head feels like it a balloon being blown up to the bursting point. Her heart pounds and her chest feels like it's about to burst. She feels wonderful and terrified at the same time -- worse than the scariest roller coaster she's ever ridden, and she knows that this is her last ride."

Water Bondage
Water Bondage!

Gala Gallery This is an archived version of a dead site and the pictures are no longer available. Still available are fascinating and erotic articles and interviews about "naked noose dancing" and the intense orgasms it produces.

D. Que's Page "The Wonderous World of d que, where death is a bright and colorful thing." Drawings of pointy-eared elves being hanged. Archived version of dead site.

Choked Chicks A blog featuring lots of movie clips and also pictures of choking, strangling, gagging, hanging, suffocating, garrotting, etc.

Bor Drawings of luscious chubby women with small waists being hanged. Most of this site is advertisements for DVDs. Click on "Stories" to find photo-illustrated stories (some in English, some in Italian) by Antonio Di Gennaro. The stories all depict a woman being hanged.

The Gay Male Hanging Site Drawings, photo-manipulations and stories involving men being hanged.

Water Bondage


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