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Femdom Draw Slavery, submission, humiliation, inquisition... cruel, dominant women with incredibly perfect bodies... stiletto heels, leather whips, harsh taste of her flesh... Do you feel the heat in your belly? Is this you wanted? Then, welcome to the world of Femdom draw.

Best Hentai Young Sex and Japanese Ropes Comics where sweet very young girls get fucked or tied up. Membership includes access to the entire Adult-Empire system with hundreds of porn sites, including cartoon sites with even more shocking underage themes! (titles include "The Art of Young Sexuality," "Best 3D Young Sex," "Taboo Hentai Sweet Angels, "Sexy Schoolgirls and Schoolboys").

Bad Tales of Rape

Darkest Comics Highest quality vivid art featuring nude women in bondage, pony girls, forced sex, humiliation, torture, slavery, whipping, object penetration and more.

Darkest Comics

Drawing Planet Highest quality drawings of extreme BDSM, gore, abuse, extreme torture and rape from the masters of the genre. Never has so much talent been used for so much evil.

Violent Comix Extremely high quality Gary Roberts comix featuring bondage, rape and torture of beautiful women with hairless pussies.

Skin Video Erotic art from Usenet, thumbnailed, organized and ready to go. This exhaustive archive has zillions of pics from hundreds of Usenet groups, serving every fetish and sex preference.

Incest Art Very hot art and cartoons depicting all kinds of incest. Art sites can get away with more than sites with photos -- they don't need proof of age! Thousands of incest art masterpieces, comics, 3-D art, toons and multiple bonuses.

Animated Incest High class drawings and digital artwork depicting the hottest incest desires.

Brutal Torture Drawings Forced Male Slave Training 3-D Babes Tortured
3D maledom humiliations 3D Female Domination Art Hotties Tortures Men
Enslaved female prisoners 3D Femdom Fantasies Men Get Face Sitting
Roman Slavegirls Extreme Femdom Art Femdom Enslavers
Female Pain Training Forced Femdom Drawings Men Kneel and Submit
Femdom Brutal Art Femdom Training Drawings Severe Femdom Artworks
Females Enslave Men *More Free Galleries* *More Free Galleries*


T-Shirt Hell Sick and offensive T-Shirts. Sexual, crude, blasphemous, cruel, nasty, gross, funny, etc.

Baby Art Home page of artist Trevor Brown, whose work can be described as sinister erotic art with an emphasis on Japanese fetishes. Images include a little fairy who is propelled by a jet stream of piss, a little girl sucking on a bloodsicle, and a series of "facials."

Vomitus Maximus Museum The art of Robert Steven Connett. Bizarre art featuring grotesque murderous mutants, deformed sex-creatures, and other stuff I'm having trouble describing in words..

World of Sexy Violence A collection of art featuring extreme torture, rape and snuff from artists including Dolcett, Farrell, DeMulloto, and more. Click the links on the left side of the page.

Anime Rape
Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick

Mark Ryden Disturbing paintings featuring sad-faced, huge-eyed girls who look like Christina Ricci and the following recurring elements: blood, raw meat, Abraham Lincoln, bunnies, bees, religious icons.

Autopsy Zombie Staple Babies Baby dolls modified to look like they died horribly, were cut open and autopsied, and were stapled back up. Very well crafted.Naoto Hattori Really bizarre art including a rendition of the famous painting "The Scream" in which the screaming face is a vulva, various grotesque creatures, and more nightmarish stuff.

Mike Diana Really sick art by an artist who was actually prosecuted for and convicted of obscenity. Picture titles include "Severed Sex Organ," "Dick on Stick," "Bloody Mess," "Poop Coil," and "School Piss Hole."

Geoff Ridgway Very high quality artwork and animation created using 3-D software, largely featuring women strapped to bizarre bondage devices and fucking machines. Reminiscent of HR Giger.

D. Grrr Very cool "pagan" illustrations combining the erotic and the bizarre. Check out the "Stripteases" which are slideshows with a big surprise.

Hikari's Floating World Bizarre, sometimes violent, erotic art. Sex with monsters, a garden of penis-plants, a fetus sucking its own huge cock -- get the picture?

Surreal Pop Erotica Cool manipulated photos in bright colors (see a green woman suck an orange cock), similarly manipulated celeb pics, and surreal art.

Violent Comix
Brutally Violent Comix Featuring Beautiful Shaved Women

iQuoom 3-D bondage art featuring women bound, whipped and tortured.

Milkman A bizarre animation featuring a milkman and a serial killer who fucks his dead victims.

Blackheart's BDSM Art Drawings of women whipped, fisted, fucked by demons, penetrated by huge objects, etc.

Chien Fou Computer-generated art of women in bondage and forced to have sex with giant spiders, dogs, unicorns and dragons.


Alien Sex

Fem Doms

Scat / Poop

Art -- Bizarre and/or Erotic

Fisting and Objects

Snuff Fantasy

Asphyxia / Choking / Strangling

Gape / Prolapse / Rosebutt

Spit / Vomit / Snot

Bestiality / Animal Sex

Gay Perversion


Body Modification / Piercing


Ugly / Fat / Old

Bukkake / Extreme Cum

Incest (Family Sex)

Water Sports / Urine

Cannibalism and People-Eating

Link Sites (Sick)

Weird Miscellaneous

Disfigured / Mangled / Dead Menstruation / Blood XXXTreme Variety Pack
Enemas and Medical Fetish Rape Fantasy  

Face Fucking / Rough Sex

S&M and Bondage

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