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 This award-winning site celebrates what is truly unique about the Internet, which is that you can see bizarre stuff you just can't find anywhere else. The mission of this site is to put the worst of the worst in one place for easy reference. We will link you to the most sick, gross, disgusting, perverted and depraved sites I can find. Bestiality, necrophilia, snuff, canibalism, scat, mangled dead bodies -- you name it, we've got it!

If you haven't seen it already, please make sure to see the Disclaimer. If you have comments, e-mail me! If you're a repeat visitor, check out what's new.

You may be wondering whether this site has any redeeming value, whether literary, scientific or political. I submit that it does:

  • Literary value: I try to write the capsule reviews in an amusing way. Some people tell me they like to read the reviews without visiting the links. Also, the Internet is a swamp of illiteracy, and I am doing my part to combat this: everything on this site is spelled and punctuated correctly (I think).
  • Scientific value: Sociologists studying paraphilia, perversion, pornography or the cultural phenomenon of the Internet will find this site a great research tool.
  • Political value. This site supports -- and is an example of -- free expression on the Internet. If you are interested in learning more about this cause, please visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

"Send me a sick site."
What, do you think I'm holding back? Every sick site I know about is listed on sickestsites.com.

"Send me a sick joke."
Again, I'm not holding back. The sick jokes get updated when I have some good ones. You send me a sick joke, so I can share it with others!

"You're a sick fucking pervert. I hope you die."
You have a nice day, too!

"Are you really into all of these perverted things?"
Give me a break. Could anyone be "into" all of this stuff, from amputees to anorexics to snuff fantasies? I'm just performing a public service here, to create an encyclopedia of perversion.


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Bukkake / Extreme Cum

Incest (Family Sex)

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Cannibalism and People-Eating

Link Sites (Sick)

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Disfigured / Mangled / Dead Menstruation / Blood XXXTreme Variety Pack
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